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These guys are great!!

I'm from Sacramento and got my wisdom teeth pulled and was experiencing some severe pain. Called Sunday night and they were able to squeeze me in Monday morning for an appointment. It was also in a very accessible location for me to get to because I work down the street. The receptionist was extremely helpful and friendly and I was so grateful that they were able to fit me in. I have this terrible terrible fear of dentists, but Dr. Krzywicki and his staff are WONDERFUL. From the moment I walked in they were very friendly and concerned. They have a very "welcoming" enviornment. Dr. Krzywicki was AWESOME he was very gentle, careful, and was friendly. He had to give me shots and I didn't even feel it. I had to go back to him 3 days in a row to get my sockets filled and every time he was friendly and gentle and the whole experience was very pleasant. His assistant was wonderful as well she even held my hand during my shots. :) (as i said before i'm completely terrified of the dentist) but Dr. Krzywicki and his staff really changed my view. If I lived in this area he would definitely be my primary dentist. I would highly recommend going to Dr. Krzywicki. Overall great staff & great service.



If you want your teeth to be in its best condition or care, do yourself a favor and have Dr Ted be your dentist. They have the best staff ever, friendly, caring and they always have a ready smile for you. I haven't had my teeth looked at for awhile so I had a list that need to be done (hurts our wallet but hey its for the best!) Ruth did a great job cleaning my teeth, it feels so great. I referred my husband and we are now on our way to healthier gums and teeth.

Thanks Dr. Ted!!


Dr. Ted is one of the finest dentists in our area. I have been in dentistry for many years and of all the dentists in my area I chose this one. He is kind, compassionate, gentle and conservative and most importantly he listens to his patients. Dr. Krzywicki has all the latest equipment and most modern technology and is current in what is new to best serve his patients. My whole family now goes to his office.


Lets just say for fun that it may have been several years since i really had had my teeth worked on and the last time I had prior to Dr Teds office lets pretend I had a Laundry list of work to do. Then add a few years and I came to met Dr Ted, Rachel, Ruth and miss Terri. Not only did the entire staff do an excellent job in repairing my almost unrepairable mouth they are doing and excellent job in maintaining them now and certaintly in the future. The entire staff is professional courteous and very skilled just nice people. Dr Ted besides having an excellent attention to detail and a comfortable bedside manner in fact I would be so comfortable with him drilling i would take a nap. Wake up appointment is over no pain teeth fixed what more could i want thanks for my wonderful smile.


I used to go to a dentist in San Francisco, but after a few family members switched to Dr. Ted and have raved about how great he is, I decided to jump on board.

I walk in to the office..

A girl named Rachel greets me from the front desk with an "Oh my god you look JUST LIKE YOUR MOM!" Seconds later another lady named Terri walked into the room saying the same thing, and we were all nearly hugging.

After getting set up with first time patient paperwork and chatting a little, I was led into one of the dentist rooms where I was to get my teeth cleaned. A hygienist named Mike cleaned my teeth. He was really nice, gentle and pretty funny.

After x rays came DR. Ted!

There is something about his voice that makes me calm right down. He did a very thorough exam of my teeth and then announced that i have 7 CAVITIES!!!!!!!!!!

This is the FUN part of my review.. I had just BEEN to my SF dentist a little less than a year ago. So obviously, in shock, I asked Dr. Ted if these had formed in the last year...

...yes i love my sweets... but i don't run a chocolate factory.....

and he said, "These have been here for a while.."

I appreciate that he didn't trash talk my previous dentist, but everyone in the room understood that this was an obvious case of previous malpractice :(

Anyway, the office was able to get me in for all 7 cavities in one week. Even though I spent most of my visit home as a chipmunk, I was very pleased with the work.

Not that I am a cavity expert... but I AM a wuss... and they did a great job keeping me calm, not hurting me at all, and doing a thorough job on my teeth.

Bottom line, I trust Dr. Ted. And thats all you really need to know.


I've been going here since I was a kid and I have to stay that the staff are really awesome. Dr. Ted is so friendly and kind and he really cares. Ruth is amazing as well. If you can get her you are very fortunate. I left after my yearly teeth cleaning feeling very happy and excited!



5 stars doesn't even cut the mustard at all. Dr. Ted Krzywicki and his staff DEFINATELY deserve 10 stars or more. Was eating dinner on Tuesday night when I noticed that I had chipped my tooth and was really stressed out over the matter. Made a call to the Dentist's office on Wednesday morning and the front desk receptionist Terri was able to pull some strings and get me an appointment right away! Dr. Ted, Terri, and his assistant Rachel were very understanding, kind and VERY professional towards me during my visit and sent me on my way in a very timely matter. I send a whole hearted thank you out to Dr. Ted and all of his staff.


Dr.Ted is a wonderful and caring dentist. His work speaks for itself. I have referred my entire family there because I feel strongly in his skills. Terri is the office manager and she is just a hardworking doll! She has the best bedside manner and never fails to greet me with her beautiful smile. Rachel and Sayde are the assistants, they are such a pleasure to be around. I never fail to laugh my head off everytime I am there. They make me feel super comfortable. Mike cleans my teeth and does a fantastic job! He is always so sweet to ask about my family.

Top notch service!


I have been going to Dr Ted for well over 15 years and can't speak highly enough of him and his staff. They are the friendliest, most caring people in the field and go out of their way to make sure your experience is the best it can be.

Dr Ted does not use gas in the office out of concern for his female staff and patients but he will bend over backwards to ensure have the minimum discomfort during your procedure. It is this sort of informed consideration that makes him so special.

Ruth, Rachel and Mike are not only professional but also super caring. Since I have extremely sensitive teeth they always warm up the water for me before they begin any work and that sure helps. And Terri will work her mojo for any emergency appointment so you never have to wait it out in pain.

Dental offices simply do not get any better than this one.